Healing with Smiles is committed to our purpose of spreading our message of HOPE to bolster the spirits and ultimately the well being of anyone living with a life challenging illness.

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President’s Message

Healing with Smiles is committed to our purpose of spreading our message of HOPE to bolster the spirits and ultimately the well being of anyone living with a life-challenging illness.  We’re all about basic, old fashioned values, looking out for one another, be it family, friends, or the broader community around us. 

The launch of our new website marks our 10 year anniversary.    We want to honour our past and to share our plans for the future.

We are so very grateful to all of our supporters.  We couldn’t have accomplished the tremendous amount we have, over the past 10 years, without YOU!  A big, heartfelt thanks to those special people who helped with making a difference in our community.

We’re also looking to the future by expanding our programs to include Therapy Dogs and Chemo Comfort Bags.


Over the past decade, we have had so much fun wrapping our #LittlePurpleHippos and delivering them to hospitals and homes for the aged.

The simple act of kindness – of gifting Buttercup, our Little Purple Hippo, has made a bigger impact than we could have imagined.

The unfortunate fact is that many of our supporters don’t see the results of their act of kindness.

We’ve received so many “Little Hippo” stories over the years of how Buttercup has inspired their recipients long after their treatment has ended.  A quick glance, seeing Buttercup on a bedroom dresser or tucked away on a closet shelf, takes them back to the journey that they’ve completed and the realization that with a little hope and a community behind them, anything is possible and miracles do happen.

We believe that an act of kindness can be as simple as giving a smile to someone who’s had a bad day.  For me, Buttercup inspires that smile.

During this difficult time, it’s human acts of kindness that matter the most and can make the biggest impact.

Together, lets work on opening hearts and minds to truly believe that all lives matter and by being kind to each other, we can inspire hope, one person at a time. 

In the words of Helen Keller:  “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

~ Debbie Martin, President

Donna Broadfoot


Brenda Broadfoot


Past Members & Key Supporters

We have immense respect and gratitude for our past members and key supporters. Without their support, we could not have realized our vision for Healing with Smiles. The long hours of hard work, planning, and carrying out our fundraising events were filled with lots of laughs and comradery.
Kelly Curtin
Gayle Evens
Mary Laidlaw
Danette McClinchey
Helen Weigel
Darlene Cancilla
Lisa Ellis
Michele Sweeny-Tateyama
Heather Campbell
Lynn Lister
Mary Travaglini
John Tavares
Nazim Kadri
Derrrick Luck
Casey Cizikas
Wendy Cizikas
Johnny Bower
Charmalee Knox
Millennium Photo

Not-For-Profit Accountants

Erin and Shaun Friel – Our Accountants

We’d like to thank Erin and Shaun for their continuous support. Without their financial leadership and expertise, Healing with Smiles could not have grown to this level.

Our Mascots


  She loves to give hugs

  Birthday:   August 31, 2008

  Favourite Colour:  Pink (she loves her pink dancing shoes)

  Favourite Song:  “Build Me Up Buttercup” (her name-sake song)

  Favourite Hockey Team:  Toronto Maple Leafs


  He loves driving fast cars, like the Hippo-Mobile

  Birthday:  February 14, 2009

  Favourite Colour:  Purple (the same colour as the Hippo-Mobile of course)

  Favourite Movie:  Madagascar  (He loves Gloria)

  Favourite Hockey Team:  New York Islanders


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